Fuck You I Didn't Do What Sony Told Me!

Posted: Tuesday, 22 December 2009 by Chris Hyland in

The predictable but still annoying reaction to the campaign that got Rage Against The Machine this years Christmas number one goes something along the lines of

Yeah well they're both on the same record label so your all stupid!

Apart from the fact that if you pick a song it has just over a one in five chance of being owned by sony, and that both songs are on different sub-labels so Simon Cowell wont directly profit from the sales of Rage: people are completely missing the point.

X-factor is a TV show designed simply to make Simon Cowell money by guaranteeing record sales for particular artist both through exposure and a section of the public believing they have a stake in their success due to having voted.

Basically it's just a larger scale version of Walkers asking the public to design crisp flavours to sell more crisps.

The point of of course was that a grassroots campaign could achieve a better result than the might of Simon Cowell and ITV, and that if he can cynically manipulate the charts then the people can do it better. Unless of course you believe the bizarre conspiracy that Sony orchestrated the whole thing to double their profits.

An added bonus of course is that the gambling industry is set to loose millions due to the unexpected result. Not to mention the fact that increasing the popularity of the single download will help to reduce the resources used to make CDs.

An added disappointment is that this video didn't make it to heavy rotation on music TV: