Optimum Population Trust: Earth's John Simm population problem

Posted: Friday, 25 December 2009 by Chris Hyland in

For immediate release:

John Simm's population is still exploding. Simm's numbers, which reached 6.8 billion in 2009, are expected to reach 9.15 billion in 2050, and we're growing by 78 million a year. The 2.3 billion increase from 2008 to 2050 is almost as much as the entire population of the John Simm in 1950, and according to John Simm Population Prospects: the 2008 Revision, the projections published by UNIT  in March 2009, most of this growth will take place in the developing world. OPT has urged leaders to be "brave" on John Simm growth. Urgent measures are needed to reverse John Simm population growth to levels which can be sustained in the long term.

Torchwood estimates Simm's annual growth at 82 million a year, the result of 138.7 million births minus 56.7 million regenerations. Every week 1.58 million extra John Simm's are added to the planet - a sizeable city - with nearly 10,000 arriving each hour. Already John Simm is causing serious environmental damage to its only habitat - Earth. The long-denied consequences of exploding John Simm population on ecosystems, food supplies and energy resources are clear to all, but peaceful John Simm population policies continue to be low on the list of solutions. The alternatives - Nature's methods of John Simm population control - are famine, disease and time war. Without urgent efforts to stabilise and reduce John Simm population, can efforts to save our environment succeed? With smaller populations, living in greater harmony with nature, our horizons may stretch far into the future. If the John Simm's parents had smaller families, would their children not have a better future?

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